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Q) How do i get started.
A) It's only Rs 5,000 to buy its basic product and to start your business with PESA Net Pvt Ltd. Payments made online or via bank to start.
Q) What I have to do after joining.
A) On joining, your training is available in your dashboard ' my course' . listen to it properly before you start this business because it will teach you how to build your business with PESA or build any business of your choice. Its all about advance marketing techniques which will guide you on how to make big money in any business.
Q) Do I need to join with a top leader to build my business.
A) No, you do not need to join with any leader to build your business. You simply just need any referral link to join. Our course will help you to build your business and our Company helpline will assist you from time to time to solve any issues or problems.
Q) Amount I am paying to start this system, is it worth it ?
A) Yes, money your spending on buying PESA products is worth every single paisa you spent on your education as this is a brilliant training tool given by our experts, business trainers and founder Mr. Boparai. so yes we recommend that everyone buy all the products as you dont need to spend lacks on your education in universities and you end up unemployed. Its worth over thousands of rupees.
Q) Who will teach us Business ?
A) Mr. Boparai business expert and his team of highly skilled marketing Executives will assist and teach you business strategies beyond belief.
Q) Is it a scam ?
A) NO, It's a legal business and an Indian govt. registered company ran by experts within the business marketing sector with no risk or scam.
Q) What is the company's mission.
A) The company's mission is to reduce poverty in India and worldwide, Mr Boparai launched this unbreakable system with a full research, understanding together with careful planning, PESA NET PVT LTD was born with a life spam of unlimited generations to come.
Q) Do I need to be educated to start this business ?
A) No, you do not need to be educated to start this amazing system, you just need to take the first step by investing as little as Rs 5,000 and refer it's services to make money every day.
Q) Can I make money every day from this system ?
A) Yes, you can make money every second of every minute to every hour of every day, if you learn what we teach you together with hard work and dedication to make money in this system.
Q) Is it easy to make money in this system ?
A) Yes, because of its brilliant design all you need to do is apply the copy and paste formula and start making money however, it takes regularity, discipline, hard work and serious commitment to make money with this system.
Q) Do I need to attend meetings with people to promote and sell products ?
A) No, there is no need for face to face meetings with the general public, no calling of any kind. You refer our ready made system to other via copy and paste formula and we convince them to purchase our system. No need to go out in the blazing sun, sit back relax in a air conditioned room with your phone and we take care of the rest in return you reap the benefits and make money every day.
Q) Do you need Social Media, Internet, YouTube, Facebook to start this business?
A)No, you do not require any of the above not even Internet to build this business. We will teach you how to use your mobile and build your business however the Internet will help by assisting you to reach your target easily with a shorter time frame.