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About Us

PESA provides educational products and services to average individuals, Marketers, start-up, home-based and small businesses to increase their knowledge on business strategies. PESA offers various products, tools, video hosting, training and various coaching packages for start-up, home-based, and small businesses.

About Us
Headquartered in Chandigarh, Boparai founded PESA in 2015 to decrease unemployment in India and improve the lifestyle of the average person.

PESA’S basic product Crorepati Formula is designed to teach marketing strategies to individuals which will assist them to increase their income

Our Mission is Simple
The word PESA means MONEY, our mission is to assist as many people as possible to make money through our products, support and training that we offer.

PESA is a home based business opportunity which is ideal for individuals such as house-wives, students, small business owners, farmers etc.